Pal App – A Friendly and Exciting Way To Meet Like-Minded People

Whenever you want to tag along with someone for a Coffee or maybe a Movie, you might call upon your friends. Well that being said, wouldn’t it be awesome to meet new people and make these activities more interesting? This new App called Pal will help you in finding new friends and the in-App categories will let you choose from a wide range of fun-filled activities that you are looking for.

Once you open this App, you will see the Homepage with filter options. The filter lets you decide if you want to search as a Single Person, Couple or Group. Also you can type in the gender, identity, age and location based on your specific requirements/interests. The results show up once you do this and you can swipe them accordingly. Also, there is a setting for women to exclude men from the search to avoid being spammed, and there will no way to for them to contact or see the profile.

You can also manually search for activities like food, drinks, outdoor, sightseeing, shopping and many others in the search section of the App. This is actually useful because you won’t have to waste time scrolling through the search results and will instantly be able to see the cards(people) of your interests.

Talking about the appearance, it looks very basic and there isn’t much that caught my attention. But it’s simple to navigate within the App and add Pals to your list. The layout is kind of old-school with features like Chat and Create Activity that you can use to get the best possible experience.

You can download this App on Google Play Store and App Store.

Final Verdict – Good app to socialize and explore life in a nutshell. Controls are nice, good response and handy when friends aren’t around to accompany or maybe while visiting some new location or place.