A Newly Designed Gmail Is Under Way

Google has started sending preview information(mail) to it’s G Suite customers, saying that the company is developing a newer revamped version of Gmail for the web. In addition to this, a new list of features was also mentioned in the mail.

Users will be able to use the Snooze feature in this update. This will let them snooze emails so that they reappear in their inbox hours or days later. It’s an awesome way to keep the inbox tidy and reply to emails later. Gmail website shall be getting the Smart Reply feature, which is already familiar with iPhone and Android users who are using the Gmail App.

Gmail has never been updated all these years and it was high time that they came up with a ‘fresh look’ for the regular users. In terms of overall appearance, we can hope to have flatter, cleaner design with less clutter, clearer fonts, and a more card-based interface.

Those who want to work offline, they will soon be able to save mails to the computer. This could be a boon for many who face internet issues. Google has made several changes over the past year with an all new Calendar web back in October. Great news is that the users will be able to directly access Google Calendar in Gmail, which will indeed save the effort of opening a separate tab.

There are many new web-based technologies Google is working on and will include them in the future updates. AI based replies is one of them and it will essentially be cool if Google can pull it off.