Leaked Pics Of iPhone Appears To Show A Headphone Jack

The removal of headphone jacks may have not gone well with many fans and nobody was sure if Apple would reintroduce it again. But now from a few leaked images on the internet, it looks like the iPhone has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and with a glass back. Also, the design looks much like the iPhone 5.

This leak comes from Chinese social media, so we really don’t know if the source is fake or original. What we know is the next version of iPhone SE will surely have a better upgrade and design from the previous indications.

With this device, Apple may be targeting the developing markets where the demand for these low-cost iPhones will be huge. This way they can expand their market globally and get more customers to use iOS.

This phone will suit best to people who like to have smaller phones with a headphone jack and for also those who are budget conscious. There is no word yet on what the specification will be and how the phone will fare compared to the expensive iPhone X.

Apple will hold the WWDC in June and we might get to see the launch of this device during this event. Recently, Apple also launched iPad for students which is focussed mainly on education.