Internet, Amazon’s New Lite Browser App For Indian Market

The e-commerce giant Amazon has launched a simple web browser named ‘Internet: fast, lite and private’ for the slower networks in India. This will help a wide range of internet users across the remote areas of India, who will be able to download this App which is just under 2 MB in size. This App is currently available on the Play Store and is not yet available on iOS.

Amazon promises it users more space to download and store their favourite music and videos with this browser. The App name is big but it surely indicates that it is targeted or devices with less storage and RAM. The web browser will run on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above, but smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Oppo A83, Honor 9 Lite are not compatible with this web browser. So, many users won’t be aware of this app for now, which they will gradually.

But why is Amazon pushing for an App which is just 2 MB in size? Maybe they want to expand their business in the global market by roping in more users from the developing countries, just like how Facebook is trying to push it’s internet business in developing countries.

The browser has a home page layout similar to UC Broswer with websites for Amazon, Facebook, BookMyShow, Twitter displayed as the top card. There is a trending news section taking the rest of the browser’s space. You also get to see the tab previews and has fullscreen display optimisation. The browser also features a private browsing mode, where Amazon assures that the browsing on the private tabs will not be tracked or collected as the data isn’t recorded on the device.

Recently, Amazon has also launched the Kindle Lite version for the Indian users for 2MB size. The App offers Kindle features like personalised recommendations, free eBook samples, eBook syncing across devices and titles in English as well as regional languages.