Google Tasks App Is Now Available For Download

Google wants to give it users the best available resources for office productivity. Now, they have come with the stand-alone Google Tasks App which will integrate with Gmail and Calendar Apps. So if you are using Gmail and have some important mails to keep track of, just simply drag it over to the Tasks section in the web App to make a new To-Do item.

This will prove very useful for many because earlier Google Tasks was pretty confusing where Google Calendar and Google Assistant would show multiple tasks and lists, making it impossible for a user to have single list of items.

Right now, the Android App looks very basic in design. It uses the Material Design 2 styling where you have a bottom-bar with a wide oval-snapped ‘Add a new task’ tab. Also, you have the new hamburger icon in the bottom left-corner that opens a menu to access different lists and change Google Accounts. It’s great but still, we hope to have a more dynamic app with more features in the future.

On the web, the newly redesigned Gmail shows the the Tasks on the new side panel interface. Users shall also be able to add details and subtasks, as well as due dates. The only drawback being there won’t be any notification reminders.

The mobile App is available for download from Google Play Store. The App isn’t available yet on the App Store and will be published soon.