Google Looking To Launch Mid-Range Pixel Smartphone In India

Google wants to make good business in India and is eyeing to launch a mid-range Pixel phone by July this year. Earlier, Google had developed Android Go which was basically a lightweight Android version developed specifically for the Indian market.

The company wants to take on it’s rivals like Amazon, Apple and Samsung and expand its portfolio with more consumer related products. This also includes Google Home smart speakers, among other products like Pixelbook laptop and intelligent home automation systems.

Google executives say the upcoming Pixel phone is under development for the price sensitive Indian markets and could launch around July or August. Also, the company will be working on it’s next flagship Pixel phones which shall be unveiled later this year.

The prices for Google Pixel XL smartphones were slashed by 50% in January. The first generation Pixel phone remains very much popular with the crowd, and its a good grab at this price.

For Indian consumers, Google should actually come with low-end smartphones where Xiaomi has done a fair job with the Redmi budget smartphone series. The main idea is to have a phone with all the basic features, good design and definitely a good battery life all for an affordable price.