Google Looking To Acquire Nokia’s Airborne Broadband Technology

Google will soon be buying Nokia’s inflight internet services, to offer an alternative to the people with faster and robust airplane WiFi service. This could mean Google will basically eliminate the satellite delays which make the internet slow.

As displays on the company’s website, Nokia’s LTE A2G cellular-based system also creates a direct link between an aircraft and the ground instead of just bouncing the signal off of a satellite, enabling in-cabin high-speed internet services using Wi-Fi.

Usually, the internet service on the airline has been very weak and the bandwidth has been poor. The travellers need good internet service and are always willing to pay handsomely. This makes a good business opportunity for Google and great chance to expand it’s business.

Google’s communications group is exploring ways to spread mobile connectivity as strong internet service is crucial to its search engine, YouTube video service and the ads that generate almost 90 percent of the company’s revenue.