A Complete Apple Car Is What Apple Needs

Since 2014, we have only come to know of some developments with the Apple Car concept where Apple is testing the AI technology and their progress with the test runs seem to be very compelling. But there has been no official statements as to when Apple will be open up about the Apple Car and give the fans and people in general an overall idea and what can they expect in the future.

Considering the future of the company, it sure needs to come up with something big and put forward a car which can completely destroy the rivals on all levels. Much recently, Tesla motors have been at the top of this self driving and electric car technology, building good looking cars which function amazingly well on just a single charge. AI is surely the future and there is indeed massive competition among the top companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Apple coming up with their own variations and advancements every single day.

Apple needs this Car to stay afloat in the long run since there hasn’t been a worthy product from Apple in years. Even though the company has been raking up well in sales since 2017, it still has to get competitive and innovative on all fronts.

Building a car is great but what’s more important is having an approach looking at what an average consumer needs and how the company can deliver a product without compromising on build and quality.