Apple Is Going Down

Apple has not been progressing much in the past few years in terms of innovation, and with the passing away of Steve Jobs, things have been tough for the company and its users. There isn’t really any difference in Apple’s success between the time when Steve Jobs was here and today, because there isn’t any major difference in Apple between the two eras. There will be major changes but there won’t be the Steve Jobs factor that will make people fall in love with Apple’s innovation. There are Apple fans who will stick with Apple no matter what, but there will also be a large number of people who will agree with me that Apple needs to innovate in order to stay in the game.

Here are four main problems that are haunting the company.

1. Poor innovation, no new products

You may say the HomePod is surely a new and exciting product. Yeah sure, it’s good with its design, and that’s essentially it. Other than that, there is nothing really much to it and
the heavy price tag makes it even worse. The company needs something big of the sorts of an iPod or a Macbook, and also gather the crowd who really want to buy it without blinking an eye. At present, the chances of Apple coming with such a product looks dim and we really can’t expect much in a factual sense. Also, Siri is really bad on HomePod which is why Apple is looking to hire engineers and has 100 open positions right now.

2. Sales of iPads are crashing

Apple sold 13.3 million iPads, generating $5.5 billion in revenue. That represents a roughly 19 percent drop in units and a 22 percent drop in revenue from a year ago. At the recent keynote event, Apple announced the new iPad focused mainly on students and education. This may surely help to gain better sales, still its expensive and it will take huge efforts to keep it afloat. It is nothing but just a revamped iPad – nothing so new!

3. Bugs and issues in the iPhone

What started out as minor issues faced by users who complained on social media like Twitter, erupted into a widespread major bug across many iPhones across the globe. The problems faced ranges from call freezing, not able to attend calls, phone display shuts off suddenly to their phone automatically dialling 911 emergency service. The biggest one being the slowing down of iPhones in many countries, to which Apple admitted doing it on purpose. Users have been sad and angry and they won’t take it lightly till Apple has it all sorted.

4. Apple won’t listen to their customers

Apple used to be leading the smartphone technology at one point of time. Now, they don’t adopt to new features faster which Android does very frequently based on customer’s feedback. Main thing here is if Apple wants to keep growing and improving their standards, they have to heed the customers and adapt accordingly. Also, it’s important to keep changing and evolving to sustain in this fast paced society. Take note, Apple!

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