Apple Patent Reveals AirPod Charging Case With Speakers

Apple is making major changes with the next version of AirPods. A new patent from the company has emerged which shows the plans to introduce speakers in the AirPod charging case. This could be amazing considering that the case is currently used only for storage and charging.

The AirPods may have a strange design but when paired with iPhone without the 3.5mm headphone jack, it gives an incredible audio experience to it’s users. The patent show that the charging case will also act as bluetooth speakers and can be used to play music when the AirPods are charging.

The US Patent and Trademark Office describes this patent application as “A case for a wireless electronic listening device (e.g., a pair of wireless earbuds) is configured to house a pair of wireless earbuds and charge the earbuds when they are in the case. The case is further configured to receive media received by the wireless earbuds and transmit the media to a non-wireless output device connected to the case.”

The Users will also have option to pair the AirPods with the charging case via bluetooth. This function will help in streaming music from the charging case where the case itself received audio from a wired connection. The patent further adds the case will have wireless radio that can wirelessly communicate audio to the wireless earbuds when the earbuds are not in the case.

Apple wants to make the case flexible by letting the users connect the speakers to a non-mobile device. This will be great considering the usual restriction of Apple accessories to only Apple devices. A previous patent suggested AirPods will have the ‘Hey Siri’ integration and maybe even make it water-proof.