These 3 Features Can Hold One Plus 6 Above iPhone X and Google Pixel 2

OnePlus devices are pretty solid when it comes to low costs, medium end hardware and top class design. This coupled with clever marketing does the trick in this ruthless and highly-competitive smartphone market.

OnePlus will be soon launching its seventh flagship phone OnePlus 6. The company has been very competitive with the likes of Apple an Google for the past few years. But will it be able to dominate the smartphone market with the OnePlus 6 this time around? For this, we shall be looking at some of the features below that would give this device an edge over iPhone X and Google Pixel 2.

1. Cost of the device

The device has everything to offer and more than the iPhone and Google smartphones. From what we know so far, this might be the highest-end phone from OnePlus. But this won’t compromise on the pricing of the phone considering the advancements in Camera and Biometrics.

We believe the price factor will play a major role to compete with Apple and Google. So far OnePlus has done well with in this area and they need to have the same strategy to beat the rivals. If they don’t, OnePlus will have a tough time selling this phone and maybe even loose out on its valuable customers.

2. The headphone jack

No matter how unfashionable and painstaking the wired earphones might be, for many people it still is the first choice when it comes to plugging in to their phone. With Apple, Google and Sony doing away with the headphone jack in their respective phones, OnePlus will surely be the first choice among the buyers.

Last month, OnePlus CEO confirmed that OnePlus 6 will include the headphone jack. Recently, Samsung also took this route by including the 3.5mm audio port proving that the trend for the wired earphones is still very much alive.

3. Unique specs

A buyer will always check the specifications first and then see if it is worth the money. This is a big criteria that OnePlus should consider and include all those features which the iPhones and Google Pixel phones might be missing out.

It would be great to see OnePlus have dual-sim support and a battery of the highest capacity. An improvised expandable storage would also cater to many. Whatever that suits the crowd and tempt them to buy the phone for those added features will have the maximum impact on the sales.

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