Wireless Charging On iPhone X Is Degrading Battery Life

Wireless Charging iPhone XiPhone X users are complaining that the battery of their iPhones is getting wrecked with wireless charging, which actually should be more efficient than charging with normal charging wire. The wireless charging is supposed to be convenient and easy which is surely not the case so far.

One of the users reported that when he switched from cable charging to wireless charging the number of recharge cycles on his iPhone increased. This is bad because Apple’s website states that the iPhone’s battery is built to hold up to 80 percent of its original capacity until it reaches 500 complete charge cycles. Only in six months of use, this user reached 135 cycles of battery life which is very alarming.

Most iPhones hold 80 percent of their full capacity for about two years. But the wireless charging is messing up the recharge frequency in iPhone x and degrading the battery capacity. The explanation for this might be simple, as the user spoints out when the iPhone is charging via the USB cable, the phone is also using that cord to power itself. The battery loses some juice during this process but not that much. But, during wireless charging, the battery doesn’t get a rest while it’s being loaded with power. So, this constant draining of your battery means that you’ll need to recharge more often.

Apple also warned on the website that phone might get hotter when it’s charging and that if it gets too hot, the phone will automatically restrict the battery from charging above 80 percent to prolong the life of the battery.

So, based on this Apple users will have to decide whats best suited for them and look for a more sensible option when it come to buying a charger.

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