Snapchat Is In Progress With The 2nd Version Of Spectacles

After the debacle of the first generation of Spectacles, Snapchat wants to make improvements with the 2nd generation of Spectacles and has reportedly starting working on it. The first generation of spectacles had taken a massive hit costing Snapchat almost over $40 million in losses and they surely don’t want this to repeat this again.

The company is coming up with two new versions of these Spectacles, one will come with major performance improvements, bug fixes and new colors. The other will be possibly a third generation spectacle which will feature two lenses and more advanced camera technology that could cost up to $300, which could be out by 2019.

Spectacles 2.0 will be water resistant and will come in new colors in addition to the current colors of black, coral, and teal. Snapchat is also considering to include an in-built GPS system and a leather case with a price tag of $300, which is much higher than the current price tag of $130.

According to the report notes, Spectacles 3.0 will have an aluminum design with more circular lens frames and two cameras that would allow for 3D-like depth effects in videos.

Recently, Snapchat’s market value went down because of the latest update. Fans haven’t been much happy with the update, and Snapchat replied to a petition telling fans that it will take some time to get used to the new design.

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