Skype Launches A Lightweight App For The Indian Market

Much recently Google has been making lighter versions of their Apps for the low-end smartphones. Also, Facebook took the jump by launching a simpler and faster App consuming less data which was aimed specifically for the Indian market. And now, Microsoft has decided to join the bandwagon with an optimised version of Skype, a much needed relief for Indian users.

This version will be easy on storage and memory demand of the Android versions running 4.0.3 through 5.1, and will improve the overall audiovisual quality and running speeds in those devices. Whether the network is weak or there are lot of interruptions in remote areas, this App will work perfectly and give the user an experience as good as the full version of the App.

Also, Microsoft is concerned about the fact that the developing countries still can’t justify to update their android phones frequently and may buy phones which run older versions of Android. This move is not new to come up with simpler versions of Apps, but it surely does create an impact on users making their life better.

A recent study shows that 42 percent of Android devices on Google Play are still running some version of Android 4 or 5. So, Microsoft wants more and more low-end smartphone users to make use of their App and keep growing their audience.

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