Apple Introduces The New Schoolwork App, An Ideal Classroom Manager

The Apple Keynote event saw the launch of the new 9.7 inch iPad with major focus on education and improving the overall scenario for teachers in imparting valuable knowledge to the students. Along with the iPad, Apple announced the Schoolwork App which will help teachers to manage the classroom digitally.

Teachers can use this App to assign digital assignments to students, and will be able to write notes, send PDFs, and include links to the web. Also since this is all on an iPad, they’ll even be able to assign students activities that live inside of other apps. To accommodate all these document attachments, Apple will update student iCloud accounts to include 200GB of storage by default.

Schoolwork will help to keep student’s data private, only teachers will be able to see it and will also allow them to monitor students’ progress to see how far along they are. Still there is always a privacy fear since students may be able transfer the data to their own personal accounts in other ways.

Apple release a new toolset for developers called ClassKit to manage and develop apps that will works inside Schoolwork. Using ClassKit, developers will be able to create, essentially, links to different parts of their app so that they can be assigned out through Schoolwork.

With the Apple Pencil available for the new iPad and this inclusion of Schoolwork, students can really bring out their creativity and enhance the overall learning experience. Only time will tell how well Apple devices and education go hand-in-hand and hopefully we get to hear more positive news in the near future.