Google’s Android Wear Will Soon Be Wear OS

Google is making major improvements and design changes these days and now it shall be renaming Android Wear and possibly with a newer logo. The news first came from a reddit user who was updating his Android Wear, where he received a notification with the Wear OS name.

The user also shared a screenshot of this notification which also shows the new logo design for the Wear OS. The new logo features a colourful design in the shape of W, very similar to Google’s styling of other logos.

The upcoming Android P version will have these changes included and provide seamless support to the Wear OS. Google had recently provided the developer preview of Android P for the Pixl smartphone users. Very early to know about the compatibility and issues with this version, but we hope it turns out be the best.

The Wear OS will work across cross platforms, on both Android and iOS so that there is no confusion for the users and they can use the smartwatches seamlessly.

Google had also changed Google Pay with Android Pay, the company’s own digital payment service with a brand new name and new functionality.

Google is taking an all out approach by bringing many of these changes mainly because they want to build the best possible operating system for the high end smartphone users. The company will come up with official announcements on these updates in the coming weeks.

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