Google Photos Users Can Now Make Use Of Lens On Android

LensThe lens feature was previously only available to the Pixl smartphone users. Now, Google has rolled out this feature to all the Google Photos users from today, whether or not they own a Pixl smartphone. This feature is very handy and can help the users identify what’s on their images and scan business cards, among other things.

This visual search engine is still not available through Google Assistant for Android phone owners, while the Pixel phone users are having this feature. Google said that iOS users will have soon have this feature, but there is no confirmation on this yet.

So if you are a traveller and visiting a place like the Eiffel Tower, the Lens feature is very helpful. It will show you more information on these sights and also tell you about the opening hours and when to visit this place.

These days, many of us are on LinkedIn but if you are still using a business card, Lens can be pretty useful to scan them easily.

It is actually rather easy to do a Google Search than using Lens, there isn’t much use of Lens at the moment and it is very uncertain if it will be popular with the masses. But it works nicely and can be useful in many situations and with time it may get easier to find info by clicking a picture instead of searching with a keyword.

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