Google Will Soon Feature Playable In-Game Ads On Play Store

Video-ads have become a major part of the internet, where some use it to get more crowd towards their apps and websites and other use it as a essential tool for monetizing. Now, Google is testing this feature on the Play Store by including video ads in addition to the stock pictures of apps and games and also playable video ads inside the games.

Google says that these video ads won’t autoplay, so that it doesn’t mess with the browsing experience and its upon the user whether he wants to view the video-ad.

The in-game playable video ads will be like rewards system, much like watching a video inside a game for rewards which comes under the Google’s AdMob advertising service. Google feels this is the best time to launch this feature as the Game Developer Conference is coming up next week.

Many of the Apps and companies are targeting the audience for more attention and outreach and it is no surprise that Google is testing this feature right now. There is one more feature which is also under testing, the ‘multi-option’ video ads. Here it will give you the option to choose which video ad you want to watch in return for game goodies.

The video ads will fit with the type of game the user is playing and it won’t be as annoying since it will go with the feel and mood of the player. And also, you will be getting an extra life out of it which is not bad. The play store video ads can be a bit of an intrusion, but they will give the user an idea of how the game will be before installing.

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