Apple Is Upgrading The iPhone Cable Design, Reveals New Patent

Few days back, Apple filed a patent for a new charging connector with changes in design in the shape of the conductor. This new design know as the “lightning connector”. This patent was published by US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday.

The patent displays electrical connectors containing gaskets and seals to stop liquid damage between the connector and device. So, the main aim of Apple here is to increase water resistance by creating a tight vacuum seal and strengthening it with the addition of a generator and pistons inside the device.

Forbes news reported that “Unplugging your iDevice would become more complex as this requires breaking the vacuum seal, something Apple proposes is done through a software interface on the phone.”

Apple cables have usually got very bad reviews because of the frayed cords, repeated replacements, and low quality. The soft plastic that joins at the connector is regularly raised as a point of failure. So, Apple is considering to improve the use of iPhones in harsh conditions.

Recently, apple had filed a patent for design changes in the Macbook. We are not sure if these patents will be implemented this year as nothing has been confirmed officially by Apple.

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