Apple Is Looking For AI Engineers To Make Siri Smarter

Good news for engineers across the globe, Apple is hiring a fresh batch of AI engineers to work on and improve Siri. This comes after the company has been facing enough backlash for its personal assistant in comparison to Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. So far, Siri has not be as responsive and robust compared to its rivals.

Apple wants to make things better and has aggressively started to post job listings for Siri, with recent reports claiming that the company wants to hire as many as 142 people for Siri-related work. This is almost twice from last year’s listings and it sure tells us that Apple wants to make an Army of engineers to build and create better services and products.

The recently launched HomePod supports the voice assistant but its pretty weak while Amazon’s Alexa has been getting much positive reviews. Apple says that HomePod speakers are more focussed on sound quality rather than the digital assistant but they are compared with Amazon Echo And Google Home under the ‘Smart’ category and these rival devices are also reasonably cheaper.

Apparently, Apple has been facing problems deciding whether the AI assistant should just answer short questions and follow simple commands, or if it should handle complex tasks. Currently, Siri only takes up basic requests whereas Alexa is multi-featured which have been mostly developed by the third party developers.