Amazon Is Steadily Rising To Reach The Trillion Dollar Mark

At this moment, Apple is the most valued company with a market value of $893 billion. They recorded over 24 per cent growth in stocks in the last 12 months following the sales of iPhone X, which was infact the 10th Anniversary iPhone. On the other hand, Amazon is valued at $752 billion and the rapid growth rate of the company might soon make it compete with Apple for the $1 trillion market value.

Speaking about Amazon, they have had a nice run over the last year with 83% increase in stocks. All credit goes to the Amazon Web Services, who have shifted most of their computer operations to the cloud and also a majority of the shopping has gone online.

Amazon had dethroned Microsoft as the No.3 US Company in market value back in February. Google’s parent company Alphabet is the 2nd largest company, where its stocks had grown by 33% which was faster than Apple but slower than Amazon.

Considering the trajectory of the growth in stocks, Amazon will hit the trillion dollar mark in August. Apple will also get there, but a week later if we look at the rise of Apple’s share in the past year.

As of the market value on Thursday, Apple was up by 0.6 % at $176.05 and Amazon was up by 0.31 percent at $1,549.90. So if you observe, the gap is slowly coming closer and Amazon is expected to increase by 10% in stock by the next year.

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