Namey App, A Simpler And Faster Way To Name Your Baby

Naming a baby is a fun process but it can get annoying when you can’t decide which name is the best. Also, the opinion of the family members and friends matter the most but that too can get derilious if you don’t take up a proper vote. Considering these problems, this new App called Namey will make the process much simpler for you and help you decide the name of the baby without breaking a sweat.

This App has been designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by the parents and family members for finding better names. It is very diverse and has many categories based on ethnicity and religion, with over 25,000+ baby names to choose from. The App uses advance Artificial intelligence (AI) and smart algorithmic matching to find the perfect name.

Once you install the App and login, you will see a page which has the tabs of Search and Top 10. Under Search, you get added options for selecting the origin and characteristics along with starting letter that you wish to search for. Be it male or female name, the results will show you all the names based on your interests.

The other tab which is Top 10, will show you the most popular names which are currently being searched for or used by many of the other users. If there is any specific trait you desire in the name, you can choose from an array of characteristics like beautiful, intelligent, brave among many others. So if you select brave and click show names, it will show you the most popular male and female names which signify this trait.

You can do an opinion poll with your friends and family members via the App, by sharing the names on different social platforms like Facebook and let them vote easily. Once done, you can see the most popular voted name of all. This is great, as it involves less time and you can take the decision faster.

Talking about the overall appearance of the App, it is not very appealing. Though it is user friendly and easy to navigate, the layout needs to have a better design to grab the user’s attention.

You can download this App on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Final Verdict – The concept isn’t new , there are many Apps offering the same stuff. But this App somewhat does a good job by making the experience less overwhelming giving the user complete freedom to explore and collaborate. After all, deciding the baby’s name is supposed to be a good memory and this App has the potential to keep you happy.

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