Your Mac Can Soon Run iPad Apps

Apple is coming up with the new versions of operating systems which are MacOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Among these the iOS is the major one and reports from Apple suggest that a great new feature will be added in the MacOS where Mac users can run iPad Apps.

This is good news since the Mac users will have access to more Apps and Apple will also be able to gather a larger user base. Apple is delaying some features to work on quality issues where customers have been complaining about bugs in iOS 11, such as weird autocorrect bugs, messages arriving out of order, the Calculator app not calculating properly and more.

Some of the features have been pushed back to 2019 which include home screen redesign, CarPlay improvements, Mail and Photos updates. iOS 12 will have good augmented reality features and also could feature a FaceTime update and better parental controls.

MacOS will be somewhat affected by the delays but it has been confirmed that the Mac will run iPad Apps. It is still not clear whether Apple will optimize the interface for Mac to support the iPad apps. Using a mouse and touch-screen is always a different experience and the developers will have to take that into consideration.

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