iPhone X Is Apparently Encountering Massive Technical Issues

iPhone X might be currently the most popular and expensive smartphone in the market, but if you thought the ‘popular’ tag will make it function 100% perfect then you are absolutely mistaken. Recent reports on the news and around social media have been claiming big issues on iPhone X and every other iPhone X user is reporting problems, making the scenario very complicated and the fans are surely fuming.

The biggest problem being reported is ‘Call Freezing’ where users are not able to answer as well as hang up calls. The screen becomes blank and gives no response during calls. And the users can’t attend the calls without screen waking up, making it a major issue across the iPhone userbase. I think this problem is with sensors where the phone display doesn’t come back on when moving the iPhone X away from the ear, and software related where the red hangup button needs to more responsive.

Some users are facing the butt-dialing issue where iPhone X automatically dials up 911 emergency services. This bug is a big concern as one will be having to talk to 911 without being able to hang up the phone. One of such grievance is reported by a user on twitter.

Another bug, not that serious, but still an issue to be resolved by Apple is with not being able to quit apps while on a call. One of such report can be found here.

Apple already has bigger problems with the slowing down of iPhones, which the company did admit on doing it. And now with these 3 issues, we really don’t know when the fix will be out. Maybe Apple will roll out the fix with the iOS 11.2.6 version, the company will have to address the problems soon and bring up massive improvement in performance resolving all the quality issues.

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