HomePod Works Perfectly In Apple’s Crowded Retail Stores

After the launch of HomePod on February 9th in the US, Australia and the UK, it got interesting to see how the HomePod will be displayed across Apple’s retail stores in these countries.

Apple has marketed this speaker with superior audio quality as its defining feature, making some wonder how it will fare in a crowded and noisy retail store. At the Apple’s new Michigan Avenue store in Chicago, the reporters from 9to5Mac went to take a look and listen to how well HomePod performs in acoustic conditions that will differ significantly from most people’s homes.

They tested the speaker in the noisy environment and found that the HomePod’s audio was actually impressive. Also, Siri was able to easily pick up the voice over the music playing on HomePod. HomePods have been set up in larger locations next to Apple’s HomeKit displays, however, they didn’t appear to be connected to the rest of the demo just yet.

Apple had earlier said that the HomePod automatically tunes itself for each environment, with an accelerometer that detects when the speaker has been moved and triggers an acoustic scan of the room. The store demo is enough to make the sell with exceptional audio quality.

This news is reported via 9to5Mac.

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