Google’s Maps Go App Now Available Across Many Regions

Google’s streamlined app Maps Go which was originally launched for Android Go smartphones, is now gradually being made available to users around the globe. So the user doesn’t necessarily need to have Android Go phone, the App can be used from any Android smartphone.

The App in beta form have started appearing for users in the Middle East, the UK, Europe and other regions. Earlier, the app was only made available in the US and few other regions. Google wants to make this app available to as many users as possible without having to use the App in only Android Go phones.

The users can simply head to the play store and find if the app is available in their country. If it is available, they can install and use it right away. Google Maps Go is a form of the full-fledged app that aims to help keep things running smoothly for users who run Android on a device that doesn’t exactly have a lot of RAM, so for people having phones like Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Google Pixel won’t really need to download the app as such.

Maps Go compensates for the less Ram by excluding some of the features which you will find in the full version of Maps. Maps Go is the latest addition to Google’s Apps alongside Youtube Go which was launched recently.

You can download the App from here.

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