Dice Online, A New And Unique Way Of Board Gaming For Android

Board games are always fun to play with friends, be it on the weekends or just to chill on busy work days. These board games have now made their way into smartphones, giving the users the best gaming experience, keeping it as realistic as possible. Dice Online, developed by Alexandr Shvab, is a simulation of an amazing board game which will probably keep you hooked for hours. Complete with smooth mechanics and a very fluid gameplay, Dice Online is a decent game.

This game has a good new concept of using dice, with many strategies and manoeuvres to keep healthy competition with your opponent. The game can be played online either with a bot or a real person. The main target of the game is to score 1000 points. So basically, there are 5 bones(different numbered dices) which have their own allowed points. The game starts with each player throwing the dice and the players need to reach 70 points to start recording their results, eventually rolling the bones and playing their way for victory. You can find all the rules and in-depth detail of the game here.

The design and appearance of the app is is well suited and user-friendly. The colors and animations are smooth, with good intense music going on the background.

Final Verdict – Since the game needs an active online connection to play, there were some minor lag issues but overall the game works perfectly and has good controls. The settings menu has a lot of options, giving the user total freedom and have a great gaming experience.

This game is available for download on Google Play Store.

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