Colby – A Fast Paced Survival Arcade Game For iOS and Android

2D games have always been special, arcade-ish graphics and fast pace gameplay keeps the gamer hooked on for hours. A game like Subway Surfer, which we all have played , is true to this genre of gaming. On the same lines, Colby is a great 2D animated arcade adventure for people who are looking for the perfect dose of adrenaline and action in a game.

This game is basically a survival game, where you have to balance the character on a surface. There will be many obstacles like big boxes, bombs, rain, snow, concrete blocks along the way and you have need to steer your character away from them to score the highest points. So, the main aim of the game is to score as much points as possible.

The controls are actually good with proper calibration for the ‘TILT’ feature. The Tilt mode makes it easier for you to direct the character and make the gaming experience more dynamic and friendly.

The game has two modes namely Classic and Time. In Classic mode, you can keep playing as long as you are able to keep the character alive and in Time mode, you can challenge yourself and keep improving to survive for longer durations. You also score points for collecting the coins and avoiding the heavy boxes in your way. These coins can be used to upgrade and enhance your character from the in-game market.

Talking about the design and appearance, its really basic and does not have an extra-ordinary essence to it. But the controls are great and the simplicity of the game is that the entire focus is on getting better at the game.

You can download this game on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Final Verdict – I would say that this game has great potential having cool features, and a very vivid gaming experience. Though it can get a bit boring if playing on a stretch, a better and more improved graphics will surely have a great impact on the player.

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