You Can Now Book Hotels and Flights Directly From Google Search

If you are planning your next trip, it might have just got easier to book your hotel and flights simply from Google search results. Google is making it easier for people to make trip planning simpler on smartphones.

With this new change, users can scroll through search results for hotels that include photos, and swipe through those photos without having to leave the list of results. You can also set the filters for date and pricing on the results page making it convenient to book hotels directly through Google.

Also for flights, you can use the same filters and comparison options as for hotel searches. Google says users can now toggle more easily between flights and hotels with a new tab layout. Users can also search by destination to determine the best hotel and flight options.

The “More Destinations” tab also offers suggestions on nearby trips for that original destination and, of course, Google-approved companies that might offer additional services along the way.

Google’s main motive behind this change is that users can do the booking at ease on their smartphones without having to open and check on their laptops at home. Also very useful when people want to make a last minute change without having to switch between multiple websites and apps to find and get what they want.

You can read the official announcement on this here.

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