Apple’s Wireless Charging AirPower and AirPods Case Will be Out In March

Apple had unveiled the plans for the new wireless charging devices back in September at the company’s iPhone event. These are the AirPower charging mats and the charging case for AirPods, both of which are wireless charging devices. Reports suggest that Apple will launch these devices in March.

Apple will be selling standalone wireless AirPods charging cases exclusively through its own retail stores, leaving third-party resellers like Best Buy to sell the item as a package with new AirPods. Apple describes the AirPods as ‘optional’ saying that other retailers will stock two AirPods SKUs, one with a traditional Lightning connection and another featuring inductive elements.

From the announcement last September, AirPower is an inductive charging pad capable of juicing up multiple devices simultaneously. For example, AirPower boasts sufficient throughput to charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and the wireless-compatible AirPods case at the same time.

The specifications for the charging mat and new AirPods case as of now are unknown and the pricing is predicted around $199 and $69 for a wireless AirPods case replacement.

There is no exact release date and Apple has not made any official announcement yet but we can expect the charging pads to hit the markets soon.

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