Apple’s New MacBook Patent Looks Glam, Focuses On Touch Keyboard

With the introduction of Touch Bar in MacBooks last year, Apple showed the world that when it comes to innovation and design they are the best. This was a big success and now there is some good news for the fans. The latest patent from Apple looks like the Touch Bar might extend to an entire keyboard, which might really be a great addition to the next fleet of MacBooks.

The patent shows a full OLED display keyboard and boasts of dual display equipment with enhanced visibility and suppressed reflections. This includes two versions of the design. One for the Macbook, where the two screens are part of a single device, connected by a hinge, while the other describes the second keyboard-screen as an accessory for a device like iPad.

Since there are two displays, there will be the problem of unwanted reflections between them. So Apple has stated in the patent that it will be using Polarizer layers and wave plates in both displays to prevent such glares.

If Apple goes ahead with this patent, a pure touch functionality based keyboard will be one of a kind. Still, there will be a challenge to induce the feel of a classic keyboard and also make the changeover for the users really convenient.

This news is reported via patentlyapple.

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