Apple’s iPhone Tops The Global Smartphone Revenue for Q4 2017

iPhone XNew reports are saying that iPhone was accounted for more than half of the global smartphone revenue in the last quarter of 2017. The launch of the iPhone X in the same quarter helped Apple gain these sales figures.

Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Marston said “Apple iPhone’s average selling price is approaching $800 and almost three times higher than the overall industry average. Apple iPhone is an incredible money-making machine.” The revenue is seven times higher than it’s competition Samsung and and seven times more than Huawei.

Apple has made over $61 billion in the fourth quarter, making all of it’s competitors weak with the strength of the iPhone X. Last quarter Apple sold 77.3 million iPhones with an average selling price of $796.42, driving revenue to $88.3 billion, where the best selling smartphone was iPhone X.

Apple has definitely set a standard with the iPhone X in the global smartphone industry, sending the message across that the company won’t be stopping with these huge sales.

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