Apple Is Planning on Major Changes With AirPods 2

After the huge success of Apple AirPods, the next version which is AirPods 2 is coming with major improvements much to the delight of Apple fans worldwide. The AirPods were in huge demand past year and Apple’s wearables segment grew by nearly 70 percent and is expected to continue expanding.

The changes will come with a better hardware, having upgraded wireless chip. Also, there will be support for ‘Hey Siri’ as currently there is only a digital assistant which can be brought about with a tap on the AirPods.

There are reports that a third version of AirPods will also be made with water resistance where the current AirPods fail when submerged in water.

There are challenges in implementing Siri on AirPods 2 as the noise will be a factor and also it will take time to perfect from the initial stages of development. Users have also reported some issues with connectivity when bringing AirPods closer to the iPhone, that it is time consuming. This is something which Apple will have to consider and fix soon.

Also along with these improvements, Apple will be launching a new case for AirPods later this year. This case will be completely wireless and the best part is it will support wireless charging.

Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri said that “Wearables were the second-largest contributor to revenue growth after iPhone.” With the upcoming AirPods 2, we can expect the revenue to increase even further.

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