Apple To Offer HomePod At Half-Price To Its Employees

Apple employees are in for a treat this time around as they can grab the new HomePod for 50% discount. The HomePod is currently price at $349 which means the employees can purchase it for only $175.

After hearing about the discount, several Apple employees took to Twitter to share the news and show the kind-heartedness of Apple. The company, by the providing the speaker for this discount is making sure that the employees have an amazing hands-on experience and are able to assist the customers with this device.

Apple mostly gives these discounts as a thank you gesture to the employees for of all their commitment and hard work during training, redecorating and other behind-the-scenes efforts.

Apple had offered a similar 50% offer on Apple Watch back in 2015 where employees could purchase any stainless steel or Sport Apple Watch model for personal use at a 50 percent discount.

Apple fans and other enthusiasts can grab their hands on the Apple HomePod on online Apple Store, launching on 9th February.

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