WhatsApp Launches New Feature To Handle Spam

The popular texting App WhatsApp has been reportedly working on a new feature which helps in enabling users to label spam messages.

This feature will help the users to mark an unknown sender as spam. This feature is expected to come in the next update version 2.17.430. The users will also have the option to block/report such senders.

The new feature will also alert the users if a message has been forwarded more than 25 times. A pop will appear named ‘Forwarded Many Times’ with forwarded message.

The twitter handle WeBetainfo which tracks changes in WhatsApp beta builds, stated that “A spammer never sends spam messages to a single contact, but he is used to send them to multiple users, selecting them in his contacts list, picking these data from the internet or from some registration services. These messages may content unwanted advertising and fake news, and they often invite you to forward the message to your contacts.”

WhatsApp is also working on ‘Reply Privately’ feature on group chats which will be incorporated in the small menu which pops-up whenever a user press and hold on a message.

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