Traktor Digger 3D – A Realistic Tractor Game

If you like enjoying a 3D game on your phone with a bit of classic arcade feel, you need to check out Traktor Digger 3D game. This game has the basic setup of a tractor which you will be controlling and moving around. Your aim is to collect gold from the given area and load it in the big truck. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will be having to face many challenges as you progress through each level, and collect gold on every level to make it to the next level.

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Once you install and open the game, you can start playing right away by hitting the play button. You can see basic instructions under settings on how to control the tractor. The tractor comes with loader shovel and the excavator shovel to dig for gold. Also you get add a jackhammer or forklift attachment on the front of the tractor. You can easily choose between them under settings where you have slide buttons to select whenever you want to during the game.

The game looks well defined and has a total of 10 different views which you can choose to play in. There is this amazing bird’s eye view which helps you getting an overall perspective of whats going on in that level. Adding to that, there is the classic 2D side scroller view which all of us like. The best part being you can get inside the driver’s seat and enjoy first-person action which has a more realistic feeling to it. Smash those tough walls with the jackhammer attachment and if you want move the crates, it’s very easy to do that with the forklift attachment.

Final Verdict

This game surely has a great potential, it is very engaging and the arcade gameplay looks good with respect to the game design. There aren’t as many features as one would expect in a game, it really basic but since I played a few levels, I can surely say that the basic concept to find and collect god and the easy gameplay is what shines through the game.

You can play this game in 2D or 3D, whichever suits you better. You can download this game here on Google Play Store and App Store.

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