Apple’s HomePod To Hit The Market In A Few Weeks

The HomePod, Apple’s upcoming smart speaker equipped with Siri voice assistant was announced to release in December 2017 and rather has been idle ever since. But reports suggest that Apple may roll out this device soon, supposedly in the comings days/weeks.

This speaker will look to compete with Amazon Echo in the same segment. The Amazon Echo is selling at $99 which is a reasonable price, while the HomePod is expected to sell for $349. The HomePod speaker will be available in both white and space grey.

Talking about features, the HomePod is equipped with 7 tweeters on its base, along with a 4-inch upward-facing woofer. The speaker itself is around 7-inches tall, and Apple has promised that setup will be as easy as it was with the W1 chip-equipped Apple AirPods. The downside being the HomePod will only work on iPhone 5s or later that is running iOS 11.

The Home App Assets shows that users of HomePod will be able to create “scenes” that disable Siri temporarily. This feature will be useful in many situation such as a house party.

Apple has a great chance of standing out when it comes to its home automation and the HomePod’s audio technology will hopefully make it stand out of the competition.

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