Google Working On Self-Doubting AI Systems

Google is advancing in AI technology with ongoing research which focusses on popular deep-learning frameworks that will enable them to handle probability. This will measure the confidence to AI programs to make a decision and also when the AI should doubt themselves.

In the past few years, deep learning machines have been able to recognize objects in images or transcribe speech almost perfectly. Though it requires lot of computing power and training data, and may well get frail at times.

Experts suggest that the new approach could be useful in critical scenarios involving self-driving cars and other autonomous machines.

Zoubin Ghahramani, a prominent AI researcher says that “The work reflects the realization that uncertainty is a key aspect of human reasoning and intelligence. Adding it to AI programs could make them smarter and less prone to blunders.”

Also, Uber is working on their own deep learning systems paving the the way for future transportation.

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