China Finally Has Google Maps After 8 Long Years

Google Maps is setting foot back in China since 2010. That year saw a rift between the Chinese Government and Google which had lead to the search engine’s exit from the Chinese market.

Many of the Google services like YouTube and Google search are still unavailable in China, where the popularity of android-based smartphones has always been massive. So, Google will be launching a China-specific version of this service. When the users launch and try to find navigation on this app, they will be automatically directed to an app from AutoNavi, a mapping company owned by Alibaba.

A full blown map service will take time since considering the time required to map the geography completely and also the size of the country. With this, we can expect to see a fully-functional Google Maps in China in a year or so.

Google had earlier led an investment in Chushou, a video streaming platform where users can live-stream games played on their mobile phones.

With the advancement in Google’s AI technology, the Chinese Government is looking forward to future partnerships with the search giant.

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