Apple May Soon Kill Macbook Air, New Era of Macbooks in Line

Apple has hardly made any upgrades in Macbook Air in the last decade. There have been only minor processor changes but still is far behind the specs available in recent Mac laptops.

Apple had stopped making the 11-inch Macbook Air back in 2016, and new reports are coming in claiming that the next generation of Macbook Air laptops may well be underway. They are expected to come up in the second half of 2018, and Chinese news agency Digitises reported that General Interface Solution, a display manufacturer, has started shipping new 13-inch display panels to Apple for new Macbooks.

Until recently, Macbook was only shipped in 12-inch models. This could mean that this new 13-inch model of Macbook shall replace the Macbook Air in Apple’s laptop lineup. Apple has not yet spoken officialy about these plans.

The 13-inch Macbook Air is currently the most affordable laptop that Apple sells. Priced at $999, it is $300 less than a Macbook. It would actually be sensible for Apple to kill the Macbook Air and come up with a more affordable Macbook with a Retina HD screen but it might miss out on the very thin design of Air.

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