App Store Purchases Crossed Billion Dollar Mark On New Year’s Day

The holiday season is almost coming to a close, but it seems that Apple is making the most of it. The App Store saw a sharp increase in App purchases this New Year shooting over $300 million and over $890 million spent in the week of Christmas Eve.

Apple surprisingly didn’t expect such a massive response from the users since the week after Christmas is usually a lazy one. The company hasn’t shared much details on this, but reports say that the mobile spending has been up about 12% from the last year.

Speaking about Google, there is no release data to compare. This only says that Apple is in favour of the mobile spending charts. The best part is these purchases doesn’t even count in-app advertising revenue and the income is ever increasing.

Amazon scaled the purchases in both the Play Store and App Store with the Alexa App topping the free charts on both platforms, selling out practically every new Echo device.

Out of $90 billion since 2009, the App developers have made good money with Apple paying out $26.5 billion of that sum in calendar 2017 alone. This is almost 31% of App Store’s entire decades payment in just one year.

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