You Will Soon Have Access To Audiobooks On Google Play Store

Google Play Store has given us so many apps, books, music, games, movies, news over the years and now there will be a new addition that is audiobooks. This will be a huge add-on and Google is going big and leaving no stones unturned to establish Audiobooks in the Play store.

As of now, Audiobooks are available in 45 countries and will be gradually rolling over in the remaining regions. They are available in 9 languages and also accessible on any devices like Android, iOS, Google Home Speakers and the web.

For audiobooks, the user will have to download the Google Play Books App. It also works well with the Google Assistant feature where you simply have to say “Hey Google, read my book” and your phone or speaker will continue reading the most recent book you were listening to.

Also the location of where you are with your audiobook is recorded and synced across all your devices so that you won’t have to find it everytime, which indeed is a really helpful feature.

There will be no subscription on Audiobooks. Since it has been just launched on the Play Store, we will have to wait and see how it will compare with Amazon’s Audible service. It is expected to be very similar though. Google is currently offering several titles for less than $10 as part of an introductory sale.

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