Upgraded AirPods Coming Up In 2018

Apple had discarded the 3.5mm audio jack last year on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and had replaced them with the new AirPods. These are completely wireless and one can use it without the hassle of wires. Now sources say that Apple might be upgrading these AirPods which will be available in India in the later half of 2018.

These AirPods are easy to set up and connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Latest reports suggest that the demand for these AirPods have increased since the last year and it is predicted that AirPods shipments will grow 100% YoY to 26-28mn units in 2018. The new AirPods will continue to be assembled by Taiwanese manufacturer Inventec while individual components will be provided by Unitech, Compeq, TXC, and HLJ.

AirPods are very popular at the moment with a 98% customer satisfaction. Apple is keeping up with the vision of wireless technology and let’s hope this upgrade brings for a innovative and brighter future.

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