Phil Schiller Believes Nobody Can Compete With Face ID

Phil Schiller, the Apple marketing guru does not like the fact that the competitors are blaming the iPhone X for not being the first phone with facial recognition. He doesn’t care about what others have to say and he believes that the Face ID is a very unique implementation and much more than a security feature.

Talking about the strengths of Face ID a recent interview, Schiller said that “We added Touch ID, it took you to the multitasking screen, paged Siri, activated Apple Pay. So for Face ID we needed the best way we know of to enable us to easily unlock our device with our face, in a protected way with the Secure Enclave, and support all these other things. We had to solve all of that. Other things that people have tried with face haven’t been anything like that.”

He also confidently denied the claims that anyone can tap into the facial recognition and steal your data by saying that no developer has access to Face ID’s data.

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