Inside Pete – An Action Packed Adventure Game By Sector 32

If you are into games which are hillarious in addition to being thrilling and full of adventure, this new game from Sector 32 called “Inside Pete” will surely take your attention. This game basically takes place inside a human body whose name is Pete. Pete is a middle aged guy who is basically wasted and beyond help, so you need to go inside his body and clean him up. That’s the basic idea of this game. You have to use your microscopic clone army to fight these colourful organisms festing inside his body who are relentless to give up until you use the right weapons and blast them away.


This 2-D game is very much loaded with features which you possibly won’t find in other games. There are good strategies on play with a fine balance between unit building, battle tactics and resource management. The environment is very lively and boasts of different colors ranging from your units to your enemies. There are many in-game upgrades you can have which makes the game more exciting and killing your enemies is much fun. Apart from this, you also get a personal assistant which guides you through the game and gives you tips and strategies to completely demolish your enemies.

This game is very simplistic in design, it gives more importance to the features and gameplay which is very cool in my opinion. The appearance is very old-schoolish and shows you whatever that is needed without any extra mumbo-jumbo. Nice 2-D graphics of your miniature units, enemies, your weapons and stunning background art. You progress through diffferent parts of his body that are colon which is home to under-privileged organisms, stomach which is home to middle-class organisms and lungs which is home to wealthy and prosperous organisms. Each level houses many challenges and gives you a realistic feel of the activities inside those organs in his body.

My Final Verdict – This game sure does pack a punch in terms of gameplay, giving the users many strategies to play around with. The overall appearance could have been good with the graphics but nevertheless it’s a fantastic game for a non-stop killing spree engaging you for hours. This game is available in the Google Play Store and App Store. You can download and try out this game and if you really like it, you can give us your feedback in the comment section.

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