Lumio – Highlight What Matters Review

How easy would it be if you could save any piece of information or video over the internet in a single App? You can do this without the hassle of going through the downloads folder of your browser and searching your history. All you need to do is download this App named Lumio to your iPhone. This App stores all your highlighted and saved stuff on your phone, giving easy access to any of your videos, texts, important notes all under one roof. It’s easy, fast and very reliable to get things done faster.

Once you install this App, you get the screen where basically you have three pages. You have cards, collection and the profile page. Under the cards page, you can see all the highlighted texts you saved with your phone. You can add/delete cards and make new cards under this tab. The collection shows all the images/videos you saved where you can edit the titles and save according to your requirements. The profile page shows your basic info and details.

Overall, the features are very basic letting you highlight anything that’s important and navigation is super easy. The only shortcoming being that this app acts like an extension to the lumio chrome extension/lumio web app on your desktop pc and you can’t really do much about it. Would recommend this App to people who want easy access to edit/add more cards and manage all the data on the chrome extension right from their iPhones.

It is quite a handy tool for users who switch between multiple devices all the time. Everything syncs beautifully and cards help you remember things that you have saved.

You can download this App for free from here.

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