iPhone Xc – Cheaper Version Of Apple’s iPhone X Is On The Cards

The concept for iPhone Xc which emerged on the internet shows a smaller-sized phone with different colours like red, blue, yellow and green. Looks very similar to this year’s iPhone X and is expected to come with a reasonable price tag between $450-$550.

This concept reminds me of the iPhone 5c launched in 2013, which unfortunately didn’t fare well with fans. That being said, one may be looking at a game changer phone here. The specs will be more or less the same to that of the iPhone X, but definitely not with the price tag of 1 lakh rupees. A cheaper and sleek version much like the iPhone 5c, loaded with all the great features and incredible camera.

Apple wants to give this phone a premium look and it won’t leave any effort in doing so. Bringing good phone in this cheaper price segment is always a big challenge, and we hope Apple comes up with another revolutionary product soon. Follow us and stay tuned for further updates.

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