Indian Riders Can Now Use The Two-Wheeler Mode On Google Maps

Google is rolling out the two-wheeler mode on Google Maps after much dilemma among the bike and scooty riders on Indian roads. This feature finally comes as a relief to these riders who were stuck between the Walk and Drive mode of Maps, making it difficult for them to find their way.

This update will be available to Indians on Google Maps from Tuesday offering voice guided navigation and accurate travel times for two-wheeler drivers. Google spokesperson told that they have made this feature with specifically India in mind, making it reliable and safe for the riders in the country.

The Map shows the optimal route for the riders based on traffic congestion and time remaining to reach the destination. The features are similar to Walk and Drive options, and the drivers will also be informed about the back roads and highway routes to reach the destination faster.

It’s a simple yet effective update for the two-wheeler crowd, making it more friendly and reliable for daily commute.

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