Google Search Is Getting A Revamp For Indian Users

Whenever you want to search something quick on an Android phone, Google Search is the best option. You need to simply type in or voice input your search and you get the results on the web. But now Google will take it one step further by giving you timely updates for any search from original sources.

Once you hit search, you will get the info displayed in the form of cards in the knowledge section. So if you search something like Virat Kohli or Bollywood Trailers, you will get verified updates directly from the source. This will ensure there are only genuine results without any fake/ fraudulent content. So the users or any organizations that are very much active on social media can get verified by Google and start posting.

Google is putting in a lot of effort to give genuine information after recently it was reported that the the users were sent to fake websites. It’s a good move by Google ensuring zero tolerance for misleading stuff on the internet.

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