Google Advancing Rapidly With AI, Machine Learning

Google sure is making a mark with the AI technology and Machine Learning these days. The recent one comes up from New Zealand where researchers have made use of AI in identifying calls of native birds — Kakariki and Hihi — using acoustic sensors after sifting through 15,000 hours of audio captured in and around Wellington.

Tensorflow is an open source software for machine learning (ML) developed by the Google Brain team that was launched in 2015. So they used a trained Tensorflow model to label spectrograms and validate results to classify bird songs in real time. Google has been running ML to track seacows to diagnose diabetic retinopathy and other health challenges.

Speaking about AI in everyday life, Google senior fellow Jeff Dean says “We want to help businesses innovate using ML and AI in their own companies. We want to provide internal and external researchers with the right tools to tackle really large challenges in building AI systems in the future.”

As AI is going to be a part of everyday life in the future, there are also concerns around privacy and Google will have to keep that in mind for future developments.

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